The website of Fernand DEROUSSEN, audio-naturalist composer

Behind every sound of nature there is an animal, an event, a landscape, a place,

an era and all this constitutes "the great symphony of the living".

Audio-naturalistic art is above all an emotion, that of contemplating the living.

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PUR - What does nature say


After six months of formatting, the PUR podcast appears on the screens of France TV.

At each episode 4 minutes of diving into the sounds of nature. Listening, plot and explanation.

I was assisted by Sébastien Wéra for the sound design and by Nadège Perrier for the voice. Many thanks to the FranceTV team for their trust.

With each episode a wild story in PUR listening.

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100 orthoptères de France

NEW DOUBLE AUDIO CD in the collection "the sound library of the museum"

The collection "La sonothèque du muséum" is expanding with this new book dedicated to the 100 orthoptera easiest to hear in France.


This sound encyclopedia has required more than ten years of collections across France. Corsica has not been explored, it will be the subject of a complete work on sound fauna in a future volume.


Isolated individuals or in the environment, each species is represented by several sound examples with in the booklet the additional information  to the sounds and atmospheres. An essential work for your summer walks.




The dream of an audio-naturalist comes true in fear of the invisible. Three months of loneliness in the spring 2020 hatching. 500 hours of recordings and 70 daybreaks in bird songs.

Sounds, screams, noises and so many silences

A virgin sky, clear and immaculate for a listening of another time. Not a man during this time, as heaven, earth, trees and beasts. Day after day, in the silence of men, nature awakens in spring  

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