THE CDs and creations of Fernand DEROUSSEN

The audio-naturalist creations reflect the sound soul of the wild world and allow you to listen and discover the incredible richness of biodiversity. It is the primary role of the audio-naturalist to testify to the diversity of the living by the sounds and atmospheres he discovers. The CD support is ideal for this, solid, non-destructible when it is well stored, it is also the witness of a time when the object was a source of pleasure. Thank you for your attention.

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The first reason that can motivate you to buy a CD is that naturOphonia only survives from the sale of CDs and sounds from its sound library, so you can by buying a CD directly on this site help us , and I want to thank you in advance.


All our CDs are made with pure sounds and atmospheres of nature,

without commentary or music.


 The other reason:



A technical reason allows to say that an audio CD is a medium of listening but especially of reliable storage and perennial in time when it is perfectly stored in its original case.

Indeed, all CDs burned in the factory integrate into the plastic the metal receptive area of digital information unlike a CD that you burn on your computer and which uses the thin metal layer of surface to dig holes using the laser, layer that covers the plastic and is not fused in the support.

A CD purchased from a real duplication on the basis of a glass-master guarantees you a very long duration of use and there no worries of hard disk or USB key out of service.


I therefore advise you after the purchase of a CD to copy it to your usual digital media and then store it in archive.

All creations offered in their full version are for purchase and immediate download. We remind you that these creations are only for personal use in the context of a family listening and that all uses generating the slightest financial profit, advertising or use in dubbing images, artistic and transformed is strictly prohibited. This is possible but for this contact us.