This CD accompanies my conferences and broadcasts.

It is a selection of five themes discussed and disseminated during my meetings with the public. 


The work of the audio-naturalist invites you to listen to the beauties and sound diversity of the wild world. Fernand DEROUSSEN invites you to discover in five original creations part of his work. This audio CD of 73'32" accompanies you in subjects as varied as the discovery of strange sounds "from the small to the big beasts", in the mysterious sounds "Noises in the night", in the discovery of the atmospheres of  "La grande forêt", fluid and sometimes surprising sounds of "Where does the water of the clouds go", and finally felted and soft atmospheres of "Murmurs of sands".

Cinq créations sonores du compositeur audio-naturaliste Fernand DEROUSSEN.

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Extrait de deux minutes de la pièce "de la petite à la grosse bête".

The art of the sounds of nature is found in the creations of the audio-naturalist. I am regularly asked to offer the public sound broadcasts on this art of capturing and then broadcasting the sounds of nature. Once the meeting is over and faced with the discovery of this kind of diffusion which is often a surprise, many of you ask me if this artistic work of creation is available commercially. Today with the CD "Naturophonia" it is done. Everyone can listen to this work and the beauty of the proposed compositions at leisure.

 available only on physical CD:

Total CD length : 73'32"


Soundcloud short excerpts from the CD