A full year listening to nature. This creation without commentary or music accompanies you for 72 minutes listening to my most beautiful sound discoveries over the course of a year in the region where I settled more than ten years ago, the Diois in Drôme. Ten years of encounters, surprises and wonder listening to the sounds of nature and the wild world. More than 35 paintings in four naturophonies of the seasons make up this creation that highlights the incredible biodiversity of this region. Night and day time passes according to the animals that shout and sing, from January to December open your ears to nature.

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Cincle plongeur, Castor, Grenouille rousse, Tengmalm boréale, Grand corbeau, Mésange noire et huppée, Chevreuil, Grive draine, Tétras lyre, Pic noir, Grive musicienne, Coucou gris, Fauvette orphée, Grillon champêtre, Caille des blés, Rossignol, Engoulevent, Grenouille verte, Alyte, Scops petit-duc, Bourdons, Cigales rouge, commune et grise, Criquets, dectique, sauterelle, divers grillons, geai des chênes, sanglier, cerf, hulotte, chevêchette, Loir gris, Vautour fauve, Crave à bec rouge et éléments naturels participent à cette création.