A place, a time, landscapes, wild atmospheres of the Earth

 There are many ways to describe the journey, with a pencil, pen, brush, camera or camera. For my part I chose the microphone to share with you my most beautiful encounters with the landscapes and wild animals of the Earth.


Each Sound Log is made on a geographical place (geophony) that can be a national park, an exceptional biological area, a preserved region or a country sometimes distant. Each new edition is the result of a great deal of patience, hope, knowledge and observations. It is not designed as a guide to wildlife but a travel diary that discovers by listening to the atmospheres and animals at the time of the capture in the sonic spontaneity of the present.


Each CD is without comment, it is thought and realized to make you discover in a long atmosphere my encounters with the wild world of the place. Each notebook is an exceptional testimony to the beauty of nature in the present of their capture and will thus remain, thanks to these editions, preserved for the ears of the future.


Continuous atmospheres and sounds without comments or music.

Sending only in WAV format on USB stick



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- SAO TOME - Île au centre du monde

- FRANCE - Sur les hauteurs des Écrins

- ÎLES CANARIES - En parcourant Tenerife

- GUYANE - Chemins forestiers de Saül

- AFRIQUE DU SUD - Au cœur du National Park Kruger

- FRANCE - Camargue, delta sauvage

- GALAPAGOS - le rêve du naturaliste


Last sound notebook of nature published

 SENEGAL - Parc aux oiseaux du Djoudj


 This sound notebook of nature wishes to testify and accompany you in the Djoudj National Bird Park in Senegal. This is the world of ducks, flamingos, herons and pelicans. A few other songbirds and doves recall the typical background sound of sub-Saharan Africa. Flocks of flying birds, gatherings at nesting sites. Sometimes a jackal and a few amphibians invite themselves into the atmosphere. For more than 50 years the park has been dedicated entirely to birds and this is understood from your entrance by the thousands of widowed Dendrocygnes who welcome you (cover photo).


 GUYANE - Batracophonie


 This new sound notebook of nature is dedicated to the amphibians of Guyana. I could not remain insensitive to the incredible diversity of sounds and atmospheres recorded during five stays in Guyana. I have therefore produced this book with a selection of moments chosen to accompany you to listen to my most beautiful encounters in the great forest with the singing amphibians.

 Each sequence is a sonic surprise that surprises and surprises the listener. This notebook is available in USB stick of 8 gigas and offers. An atmosphere of 62 minutes continuous, the same sequence in detail of 11 phonograms, 8 bonus 5-0 of more than an hour. That's nearly four hours of listening in 48khz/24bit HD format.