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CS009 - QUEBEC - Ambiances de Gaspésie

The Gaspésie its name from the word of the Mi'kmaq tribe Gespeg, which means "the end of the world." This peninsula in the Quebec region has as limits to the north the Gulf of St. Lawrence and in its eastern and southern periphery, the Atlantic Ocean. The tormented terrain of the Appalachian Mountains in the center make the Gaspé a mountain within the sea. We were able to three audio-naturalists, Fernand DEROUSSEN, André and Odile BOUCHER discover the prestigious sites of the peninsula such as the unmissable Percé rock, Bonaventure Island populated by thousands of gannets, Forillon National Park and it is in the Gaspésie National Park that we ended our stay. Here is a selection of the hours of recordings that we have made with the objective of making you discover the the great variety of animals and wild atmospheres of this region in The month of June. . Duration 64'46".l

Carnet sonore de la nature en Gaspésie au Québec

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