Attention : Uniquement sur clé USB en format WAV HD 48/24

CS010 - GUYANE - Batracophonie

This sound notebook of nature is dedicated to the amphibians of Guyana. I could not remain insensitive to the incredible diversity of sounds and atmospheres recorded during five stays in Guyana. I have therefore produced this book with a selection of moments chosen to accompany you to listen to my most beautiful encounters in the great forest with the singing amphibians. Each sequence is a sonic surprise that surprises and surprises the listener. This notebook is available in USB stick of 8 gigas and offers. An atmosphere of 62 minutes continuously, the same sequence in detail of 11 phonograms, 8 bonus 5-0 of more than an hour. That's nearly four hours of listening in 48khz/24bit HD format. 

Carnet sonore de la nature N°10 - GUYANE - Batracophonie

12,00 €

Total duration of the sound book 66'36